eMobility Private Charging Study

The UScale Private Charging Study examines the experiences EV drivers have when using their private charging solution. The study is based on a survey of 1,100 EV owners.

Study content

  • Use phase
    • Charging locations
    • Charging technology
    • Use habits
    • Charging problems
    • Overall assessment
  • After-sales phase
    • Experience with hotline, software updates and service

Structure of the Private Charging Study

For each topic, the users were asked about their usage habits, problems with usage and satisfaction. In the post-purchase phase, we asked the respondents to contact them, their experience with the hotline or the service and their assessment of the reason.

Finally, the participants were asked to make recommendations to manufacturers and service providers. The survey contained numerous free text fields, which the respondents also made use of. Over 3,200 detailed mentions provide very detailed information about where the problems are and what manufacturers and service providers should work on primarily.

Target group of the private charging study

Only e-car drivers who at least occasionally charge at home with a wallbox were recruited. The study participants included both female e-car drivers with several years of charging experience at home and young EV owners. More experienced home loaders were also asked about their experiences with the hotline and the service of their charging station manufacturer.

Added value and benefits of the private charging study for …

The study shows developers, manufacturers and sales partners of private charging technology how people charging at home use their private infrastructure and what experiences they have with it.

The data show manufacturers and providers of private charging solutions

  • Which charging habits products, concepts and services should be designed for,
  • which features home-owners use and how and which features they want and
  • which problems should be solved with priority.

District and project developer, energy supplier

The wishes and experiences of current users show neighborhood developers and energy providers which offers should be developed and installed with particular urgency.

UScale focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically questioning e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. For more information on the UScale focus studies, please see HERE.

Further information on the results of the Private Charging Study can be found HERE.

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