Customer Studies for EV After-Sales

Electric cars also need to go to the garage. But some of their needs differ from those of combustion engines. And it’s not just EVs that are more digital, but also their drivers.

This is why the behavior and expectations of after-sales differ from those familiar from the world of combustion engines.

USCALE asks owners of electric cars about their experiences with the workshop and the manufacturer hotline, software updates, battery checks, connectivity services and data protection. In addition to e-car drivers, we also survey combustion engine drivers and show where the differences lie.

Relevant Studies:

eMobility EV After Sales-Studie
Lade-Personas für die Elektromobilität
Product Manager

Some EV drivers have different after-sales needs than combustion engine drivers. They also have different preferences in terms of communication.

USCALE studies answer the most important questions of product managers and show what is important:

  • What special requirements do EV drivers have of their workshop?
  • Which communication channels are particularly relevant?
  • How much trust do they have in the various providers?
  • Where are the weaknesses in their own offering?
  • What differences are there between different vehicle and user segments?
  • Are battery checks accepted by customers? At what prices?
  • What else needs to be considered in after-sales?
  • and much more.

The segmentation of target groups in the electrical vehicle market follows different rules. Familiar segmentation schemes such as SINUS are only of limited help in the current market phase. E-car shoppers have different information requirements than combustion engine buyers and use different touchpoints in the customer journey.

USCALE studies answer the most important questions of marketing managers and provide important input for the work of agencies:

  • Which target group segments are relevant in the EV world?
  • What information needs do people switching to an electric car have?
  • What does the purchase funnel for e-car buyers look like?
  • Which media channels are best used to reach target customers?
  • and much more.
USCALE focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, USCALE has been systematically surveying EV drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. You can find an overview of all USCALE focus studies HERE.

We show extracts from other studies in the LinkedIn articles by USCALE and Axel Sprenger.

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