In eMobility, mobility and energy are growing together. This is creating a new ecosystem in which drivers and users are developing new usage habits.

User feedback for the development and marketing of electric cars and charging technology

For companies to be successful in electromobility, they need to understand the behaviour and wishes of users in the electromobility ecosystem. They need customer feedback on many questions:

  • Who will switch to eMobility and when? What comes after the early adopters?
  • Where do they get their information? Where do they buy what?
  • What does the customer journey look like?
  • Which products and services are successful? Which are not? Why? Which charging behaviour prevails? …

Customer studies on all touchpoints of the customer journey of electromobility

UScale asks e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobility customer journey. This has resulted in a wealth of data and experience that we are happy to share with our customers.

With our standardised approach, we can answer most questions right off the bat. If not, we find out the answers quickly. To do this, we have built our own panel of 7,000 EV drivers. For your product and service ideas, we measure the product-market fit with the target group and identify drivers and barriers.

Our clients

Our customers come from all sectors in the eMobility ecosystem. These include car manufacturers, energy suppliers and charging point operators, charge point operators (CPOs), service providers (eMSPs), charging technology manufacturers, IT backend operators, service providers and many more.

Press reports

Our survey results are regularly used in the press as a basis for reporting on eMobility. If you work for the press and are looking for data for your research, please get in touch. We are happy to help and support you.