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Questions about the USCALE focus studies

Why does USCALE offer standardized studies?

We noticed early on that many companies have similar questions about the behavior and preferences of EV drivers. This gave rise to the idea of collecting the most important questions from companies in the electromobility ecosystem and bringing them together in focus studies.

This saves companies a lot of time and money. And EV drivers who are happy to give feedback don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.

How does USCALE collect its studies?

We conduct all studies online. Our questionnaires are comparatively long because we and our customers are simply curious.

Despite the length of our surveys, we are proud of the high quality of the results. This is mainly due to the fact that EV drivers like to talk about their EVs and their charging experiences. Of course, we also carry out a whole series of quality checks.

How does USCALE recruit respondents for the studies?

We recruit study participants from several sources:

  • In the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), we have our own panel, which we recruit via social media channels that deal with electromobility.
  • In several markets, we cooperate with providers of charging apps that have access to e-car drivers of various brands.
  • We also work with access panels from several providers.

In almost all studies, we use multiple channels for recruitment. This increases the representativeness and thus the quality of the study results.

Apart from participants from access panels, our study participants do not receive any monetary remuneration. The participants are therefore largely intrinsically motivated.

Does USCALE provide the raw data of the studies?


Does USCALE provide the questionnaires?

Our questionnaires are based on several years of experience. That is why we do not make our questionnaires freely accessible on our website. However, the pages on our website that deal with each study show a complete list of the topics that were surveyed.

Of course, we make the questionnaires available to our customers and interested parties so that they can decide for themselves whether our studies are really suitable for their purposes.

Does USCALE support further evaluation?

Our dashboard provides a very good basis for analyzing all study data. Naturally, we provide our customers with a detailed briefing.

If you wish, we can also carry out further analyses and prepare the results so that you can incorporate them directly into your presentations.

Does USCALE adapt its studies to specific customer requirements?

With our annual studies, we want to make changes visible. That is why we want to ask some of the questions identically every year.

At the same time, the world of eMobility is changing so quickly that we adapt our questionnaires annually and include current topics.

We are very happy to take on board suggestions from our customers when revising the questionnaires each year.

Does USCALE also offer individual ad hoc studies?

With our standardized focus studies, we make every effort to cover as many questions as possible from providers in the eMobility ecosystem. This enables us to offer comprehensive insights at attractive prices.

If questions remain unanswered, we are also happy to carry out ad hoc studies on electromobility for our customers.

Why are there no prices for the studies on the USCALE website?

We want as many companies as possible to work with our data and contribute to the development of electromobility.

To make this possible, very small companies, such as start-ups, do not pay the same prices as large corporations. That’s why we have staggered prices depending on the size of the company.

Questions about the USCALE study dashboards

How do I get access to the dashboards?

If you have purchased a study license, we will activate the associated dashboard for you and your colleagues. To do this, give us the email addresses of everyone who should have access to the dashboard.

Is there training on how to use the dashboard?

The USCALE dashboard is largely self-explanatory. Nevertheless, we like to make an introduction to the dashboards because many helpful functions are not visible at first glance. These include

  • Analysis functions
  • Individualization of downloads
  • Download of editable graphics and tables

In this way, we ensure that you can derive maximum benefit from the data.

Can the dashboards be customized?

Yes, the dashboards can be customized to a certain extent to suit your needs. This includes filters or colors of your corporate identity. The latter makes particular sense if you want to integrate the data into internal company presentations.

Do you have any unanswered questions?

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