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Customer Studies for Energy Suppliers

USCALE provides customer insights on electromobility for energy suppliers. Energy suppliers provide the basis for electromobility as a whole: the energy, or electricity. The utilities sector therefore benefits in any case.

But who will win the race? It is by no means a foregone conclusion that people charging at home will remain with their current supplier of domestic electricity. Quite the opposite: in connection with the providers of public charging electricity and offers relating to smart charging, many new actors are entering the market who are also becoming a threat to the providers of domestic electricity.

USCALE asks charging customers about their needs and preferences for all relevant charging use cases and shows the interactions between domestic electricity and traction current. We also develop charging profiles and charging personas. They are the basis for the success of product managers, developers, marketing and sales managers.

Relevant Studies:

eMobility Private Charging-Studie
eMobility Public Charging-Studie
eMobility eMSP Loyalty Benchmarking-Studie
Lade-Personas für die Elektromobilität
Product Manager

The market for traction current is more dynamic than that for domestic electricity. Competition for energy suppliers is increasing significantly and energy suppliers must reposition themselves.

USCALE studies provide customer insights into electromobility for energy suppliers and show product managers what is important:

  • What is your own competitive position? Which KPIs are relevant?
  • Which pain points need to be addressed and overcome?
  • Which different target groups are there?
  • Which charging use cases are relevant for which target group?
  • How do home and charging power interact?
  • Are customers interested in smart charging products?
  • What trends need to be considered?
  • and much more.

The segmentation of target groups in the e-car market follows different rules. Familiar segmentation schemes such as SINUS are only of limited help in the current market phase.

USCALE studies answer the most important questions of marketing managers and provide important input for the work of agencies.

  • What charging profiles, i.e. target group segments, are there?
  • Which personas are behind the target groups?
  • What are the needs of the different target groups?
  • Where do the target groups find informations about charging offers and tariffs?
  • How willing are the target groups to switch?
  • Which media channels are best used to reach target customers?
  • and much more.

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