Press Release: EV Benchmarking Study 2023

While electric cars are getting better, customers are becoming more dissatisfied
Stuttgart, 25.07.2023


eCars are getting better and better. Nevertheless, customers are becoming more dissatisfied.

The EV satisfaction study among 4,500 EV drivers in the DACH markets shows why and which brands are convincing. Tesla, Porsche and Korean suppliers lead the field, Chinese suppliers fall well short of expectations, Opel and Peugeot bring up the rear.

For the fifth time in a row, the Stuttgart-based market research company UScale has conducted its EV satisfaction study on the usage habits, problems and recommendations of male and female e-car drivers and presented it to members of the press on Monday.

The results clearly show that after the years of early adopters, electric vehicles are now entering the mass market, where they are meeting much higher expectations than before. Although the performance of electric cars is improving in the areas of charging power and range, but also in other fields such as functionality and operation (slide 5 of the press handout attached), buyers and users are increasingly critical of their vehicles and their functionality: the willingness of e-car users to recommend their own vehicle to friends and acquaintances is clearly declining (slide 6). Despite the technical improvement of many models, the satisfaction of owners with their vehicles is declining.

The cause of this apparent contradiction is new user groups who are now buying an e-car. Whereas in recent years ecological motives were in the foreground when switching to an e-car, driving characteristics and cost aspects now dominate the list of motives for switching for the first time (slide 8).

UScale conducted the study on its own behalf and offers the results to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to improve their products. Between April and May 2023, exactly 4,522 owners of battery electric e-vehicles in the German-speaking DACH region were recruited via social media and questioned in detail with the help of 87 closed and 16 open questions.

The willingness to recommend one’s own e-car varies significantly between the brands (slide 9). The undisputed number one is Tesla, which convinces its users in all e-specific topics such as charging, route planning or the Connect app. However, there is still clear criticism of the quality and various types of noise. As many as 40% of Tesla drivers see a clear need for action in this area.

UScale measured growing popularity with the Korean brands Genesis, KIA and Hyundai. With the exception of route planning, all three brands were rated above average. In terms of charging performance, all models scored well with 800V technology, with Hyundai setting the bar for all other brands.

The Volkswagen brands show a mixed picture: Porsche makes up for the massive criticism of the low range with its 800V on-board network, which leads to very short charging stops. Audi also suffers from low range and high consumption. In addition, however, there are massive complaints about the Connect app and the software quality. The latter also affect the sister brands VW and Cupra and shape the overall critical impression.

MG, a non-premium Chinese brand in the ranking, also delivers subdued results. While the range is rated positively, there is massive criticism of e-specific operating concepts, route planning and software. Due to new market entries by Chinese providers such as NIO, the numbers experts at UScale expect exciting results in the coming year. The brands of the Stellantis Group are again rated very critically by their drivers. Together with the Opel and Peugeot brands, they bring up the rear in the ranking. Opel and Peugeot drivers consistently rate all e-specific aspects below average. They are particularly critical of the Connect app: 90% see a clear need for action.


Dr. Axel Sprenger, founder and managing director of UScale GmbH: “Compared to combustion engines, which have been optimised for over 100 years, battery electric vehicles are still at the beginning of their development. Electric car drivers are no longer looking for adventures, but expect a mature vehicle. All manufacturers, including the market leader, still have room for improvement.”

The GERMAN press handout with graphics can be found HERE.
Further information on the study can be found HERE.

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