Driving Current Persona Study 2021

Personas for provider selection Driving current at home

The study shows relevant decision-making situations and criteria for the selection of the driving current supplier. It also identifies the optimal driving current offer for e-car shoppers and owners and points out criteria for the optimal addressing of individual target customer segments.

The Driving Current Persona Study was conducted online in September 2021 with over 1,500 e-car owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The deliverable includes a PDF report (approx. 98 pages).

Contents and added value of the Driving Current Persona Study

Contents of the Driving Current Persona Study

Segmentation criteria:

  • Socio-demographic data (age, gender)
  • Driving habits (mileage per year and per day, longer distances)
  • Charging behaviour and habits
  • Vehicle financing
  • Range assessment

Decision criteria for traction current providers for charging at home:

  • Change of electricity supplier in connection with charging at home
  • Crucial source of information
  • Criteria for choice of provider
  • Criteria for tariff selection
  • Features tailor-made tariffs
  • Electricity contract at home
  • Trust in electricity suppliers

User segmentation (persona formation):

  • Methodology (factor and cluster analysis)
  • Relevance of the factors
  • Persona profiles
Target group of the survey

For the study, only owners and occupants of fully battery-electric e-cars who have a charging option at home were surveyed.

Added value and benefits of the Driving Current Persona Study

The study is aimed at domestic electricity suppliers who want to understand their different target customer groups.

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