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Electric cars are more than just cars with a new drive system. Drivers are developing new habits around charging. They need new vehicle functions and are open to new services. Manufacturers therefore need to understand which features and characteristics are convincing and which are not

This is where we can help. USCALE asks EV drivers about their expectations and experiences with all functions that are relevant to electric driving. This provides the basis for product managers, developers, marketing and sales.

Product managers

EV drivers have different expectations of their vehicles than combustion engine drivers. USCALE studies answer your questions and show what is important:

  • Which pain points need to be solved?
  • How are EV-specific features utilised?
  • Which features are necessary and provide real “value added” to the vehicles?
  • How should equipment packages be designed?
  • What differences are there between different vehicle and user segments? For example: What charging power do customers expect in which segment?
  • and much more.
eMobility EV Benchmarking-Studie


With electric cars, many functions have to be rethought or redeveloped. In contrast to the combustion engine, there is little experience available. At the same time, developers and project managers have to keep a close eye on costs.

USCALE studies answer the most important questions and show what is important:

  • What pain points do electric car drivers have today?
  • Which charging use cases are relevant for which user segments?
  • What does the user journey to charging look like?
  • How are EV-specific features used? And how should they be designed?
  • Which features are really important? And which ones increase the manufacturing costs but not the customer benefit?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the manufacturer concepts of relevant competitors?
  • and much more.
eMobility EV Benchmarking-Studie


The segmentation of target groups in the EV market follows different rules. Familiar segmentation schemes such as SINUS are only of limited help in the current market phase. In addition, EV shoppers have different information requirements than combustion engine buyers. USCALE studies answer your questions and show what is important:

  • Which target group segments are relevant in the EV world?
  • What information needs do people switching to an electric car have?
  • What does the purchase funnel for e-car buyers look like?
  • and much more.
eMobility EV Benchmarking-Studie
EV Retail Study 2023


The purchasing process for EVs differs significantly from that of a combustion car. Sales processes must be adapted to this. USCALE studies answer your questions and show what is important:

  • How does the customer journey in the purchase funnel of an electric car differ from that of a combustion engine?
  • What information are EV shoppers looking for on manufacturers’ websites?
  • What expectations are there for financing and leasing offers?
  • How do test drives, handover and follow-up processes differ from combustion cars?
  • and much more.
eMobility EV Benchmarking-Studie

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