We were convinced early on that the transformation to eMobility will happen faster than most people expected. And we are also sure that the gains for our society, our companies and our jobs are greater than what will be lost.

For companies to successfully manage the transformation, they need feedback from users across all user segments and across the entire customer journey, in the form of management metrics and qualitative insights, which are affordable, up-to-date and for everyone, from big corporates to start-ups.

That is our mission.

By the way:
UScale stands for User Scaling and our goal to make U Scale your Business.

A big thank you to our panellists

Our work would not be possible without the many EV drivers who take time to complete our surveys. We did the maths: Since UScale launched in 2018, our survey participants have given us around 15,000 hours of their time. As a small thank you, they can receive a summary of the results when available.

Almost two-thirds of our panellists voted for us to donate instead of raffling Amazon or charging vouchers among them. Therefore, for every feedback from our panel, we donate € 1,- to the SOS Children’s Village in Burundi, which, like many countries, suffers massively from the effects of global warming. Axel, our founder, has been donating to the SOS Children’s Village at Lake Tanganyika for 27 years and is happy to now also support the local children with UScale. It is children who suffer most from the effects of climate change and who we need most urgently for our future.

Would you like to be kept up to date on the results of new studies?

We will inform you as soon as new studies are available and send you a brief summary of the most important results. You are welcome to sign up. We will let you know if there is anything new.

Dr. Axel Sprenger

Founder &
Managing Director

Lukas Brittinger

Senior Consultant

Katharina Drozniak

Automotive Research

Fabian Henkel

Data Protection Officer

Sophie Walter

Data Analysis

Magnus Saurbier

Database & IT

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Föhl

Scientific Advisor