Public Charging Payment Study 2021

Public charging payment methods from the user’s perspective

The study provides a comprehensive insight into the usage drivers and barriers of the most important payment methods at public charging stations. Today’s e-car drivers were specifically asked about the five payment methods

  • Charging app,
  • Charge card / chip,
  • Plug & Charge,
  • Ad-hoc + smartphone and
  • Ad-hoc + EC/credit card.

The Public Charging Payment survey was conducted online in June 2021 with almost 500 e-car drivers in not only Germany but also Austria and Switzerland.

In general the deliverable includes a PDF report (approx. 86 pages).

Content and added value of the Public Charging Payment Study

Content of the Public Charging Payment Study

Segmentation criteria:

  • Socio-demographic data (age, gender, etc.)
  • Driving habits (mileage per year and per weekday)
  • Charging locations
  • Charging occasions, routine

Payment and tariff setting:

  • Payment options
  • Payment preferences
  • Satisfaction payment process
  • Prices (Plug & Charge, Ad-hoc, Fast charge)
  • Parking fees
  • Tariff setting

Product-Market Fit of payment methods:

  • Determination of the product market fit and the target groups that can be reached for the five payment methods Payment via charging app, charging card/chip, Plug & Charge, Ad-hoc + smartphone and Ad-hoc + EC/credit card
  • Prioritised usage drivers for all queried payment methods
  • Prioritised barriers to use for all payment methods surveyed
Target group of the survey

For the study only owners and drivers of e-vehicles that at least occasionally charge publicly were recruited. For each payment method, 100 people who actively use the respective payment method were interviewed.

Added value and benefits for after-sales managers, dealers and dealer trainers and hotline operators

In general, the study shows product owners of payment methods at eMSP, CPOs, OEMs and payment service providers which levers can be used to increase the use of the respective payment method. The usage drivers mentioned support providers in marketing.

The results also allow providers to estimate under which conditions which payment methods can establish themselves and to what extent. Hence t his enables them to integrate the respective payment systems into the development of their technical concepts.

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