Customer perspective on sector coupling

Market research on the entire customer journey of electromobility

The share of e-car drivers is still very small at around 3% of all passanger cars. This makes surveys both difficult and expensive. We have collected the most important questions from car manufacturers, energy providers, charging technology manufacturers and others. We regularly survey the expectations and experiences for all touchpoints of the eMobility customer journey in not only Germany but also Austria and Switzerland.

In 2023, we continued our charging studies in other key European countries (France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Norway) as well as in the USA and China.

UScale eMobility focus studies contain the following information:

  • Driving and charging habits, charging locations, living but also parking situation
  • User experiences during the use of electric cars, home charging technology and public charging infrastructure
  • Both Strengths and weaknesses of key products and services, requested features
  • Competitive comparison of providers (benchmarking) and much more…

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UScale Focus Studies

For all touchpoints of the eMobility customer journey, we regularly conduct extensive surveys of e-car drivers at different points of use. For our retail studies, we survey shoppers during the purchase process and “young” owners.

In the following are the studies that have been carried out and the related questions.

Charging Studies

eMobility Public Charging Study

What are the charging habits of e-car drivers on the road? What problems do they have when charging in public?

eMSP Loyalty Study

What are the market shares of eMobility service providers? Which ones are used most often? Why?

Smart Charging Acceptance Study

Under which conditions are e-car drivers willing to participate in Smart Charging?

eMobility Private Charging Study

What are the charging habits of e-car drivers at home? What problems do they have when charging at home?

Private Charging Infrastructure Retail Study

What experiences do interested parties have when looking for their private charging solution?

Public Charging Payment Study

Which payment methods do e-car drivers use at public charging points? How do they rate them?

Charging Persona Study

How do e-car drivers differ in terms of charging behaviour, housing situation, etc.?

Driving Current Persona Study

What are the relevant decision criteria of e-car drivers for the selection of the traction current supplier?

eMobility Marketing Study

What are the most important drivers and barriers for adopters to switch to eMobility?

Electric Vehicle Studies

Electric Vehicle Retail Study

What are the expectations of e-car buyers? What are their experiences?

Electric Vehicle Benchmark Study

How do EV drivers use their e-cars? What problems do they encounter?

Electric Vehicle After Sales Study

What are the experiences of EV drivers with the workshop services of their brand?

eMobility Marketing Study

What are the most important drivers and barriers for adopters to switch to eMobility?

EV Adopter Persona Study

Which target group will be the next to switch to eMobility? What is the best way to address them?

Here you will find an overview with profiles of all studies.

UScale Study Dashboards

Our study reports basically contain a detailed presentation of the main results across around 100 pages. Nevertheless, we often receive requests for more in-depth analyses and splits.

In order to save our clients time and make the results accessible to even more people in the company, we will successively convert our studies into interactive dashboards. Then all the employees and managers concerned will be able to carry out splits themselves, discover exciting details and read verbatim mentions in the original.

Take a look and get an impression. We also have made some of the data available to everyone.

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The added value of our studies

AGILE RESEARCH: Quick and efficient access to crucial insights

Regular customer surveys are time-consuming and expensive. We have therefore collected the most important questions from car manufacturers, energy suppliers, charging technology manufacturers and others, and ask them regularly in surveys in the DACH and other important markets. With our focus studies, we answer the majority of your questions right off the bat. If your questions go further, we answer them with the help of our panel of 7,000 EV drivers. We can also target people with a specific charging behaviour and vehicle brands.

CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION: Addressing the right target group with the right products

As eMobility ramps up, new user groups are gradually entering the market. After the innovators and early adopters, the early majority group is now entering the market. Consequently, motivation, preferences and behaviour change over time along with the participating customer segments. UScale studies have made these changes visible and show trends for the coming years. We also already have developed persona studies for important questions (EV adoption, charging behaviour and choice of electricity provider).

CUSTOMER JOURNEY: The new way to the suitable individual solution

What information do buyers need in the purchase funnel in general? Do switchers firstly look for an e-car or a charging solution? Do they buy their charging solution from an electrician or from a specialist supplier? In the ecosystem of electromobility, old industry boundaries are blurring. Car manufacturers sell both photovoltaic systems and electricity. Energy providers sometimes even offer e-cars. UScale studies not only show which user groups take which route to the right solution but also what is important to them and how much they trust.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Pain points and excitement factors

What experiences do EV drivers have with their EV and with charging? Which aspects go well? Which are not? UScale focus studies show where things are really struggling, which solutions are convincing and which product features still need to be improved.

BENCHMARKING: The best manufacturers of charging technology and e-cars

In a dynamic, strongly growing market, everyone benefits. That is good, but it hides weaknesses in the supply side. As soon as supply catches up with demand, this will take its toll and lead to surprises for many manufacturers. UScale benchmark studies show not only which manufacturers are really convincing from the user’s point of view, and which are falling behind relative to the competition but also why. In addition, the market shares of the most important providers are highlighted so that venders know their own position among competitors.

PRODUCT-MARKET FIT: Implementing ideas that really become successful

Developing innovations to market maturity is both expensive and the flop rate is high. We test your innovations and new products for product-market fit with the target group at an early stage. This way you get information about the most relevant barriers in the targeted customer segments long before market launch and can solve them during the development process. For the campaign work of your marketing agencies, you receive the most important drivers for different user segments.