Market research on electromobility: Studies, statistics, analyses

Standardised customer surveys on all touchpoints of the customer journey in eMobility.

Market research: Customer studies on electromobility

One of UScale’s core services is market research on electromobility. To this end, UScale regularly conducts surveys among electric car drivers. Study topics are the experiences of e-car drivers when searching for information, buying and using the electric car and the infrastructure. The surveys are conducted regularly, collected data analysed and the results summarised in study reports. We offer dashboards for the most important studies, which subscribers can use to conduct their own analyses.

The aim of the buyer and user surveys is to measure customer satisfaction and quickly identify trends in the ramp-up of electric mobility. UScale makes the results available to providers of electric cars, infrastructure and services. This would enable manufacturers of electric cars and charging infrastructure to improve their products and offerings.

Customer surveys on electromobility

Studies on fully battery-electric cars (BEV)

The focus of the UScale studies is on fully battery electric vehicles (BEV). Studies on plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are available on selected topics.

UScale studies show the behaviour of today’s electric car drivers. These belonged to the group of innovators and early adopters. These data can be used to derive forecasts on the customer wishes of future buyer segments.

Surveys on the retail of electric cars

The studies collect expectations and experiences of e-car drivers in all phases of the purchase process. This enables manufacturers, resellers, dealers and workshops to align their products, services and processes specifically to the wishes of customers.

After the purchase, the studies collect data on user behaviour, usage habits, problems during use and recommendations of electric car drivers to the manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction among e-car drivers

Are the respondents satisfied with the current range of electric car models and their options? Our analyses show that e-car drivers are not satisfied with the current vehicle models.

Our studies provide information on user behaviour, annual mileage, actual consumption and differences in range between summer and winter, charging behaviour and the use of relevant features and functions in the e-car. This includes driving modes, recuperation, ECO-Trainer, operating concepts and display concepts of the electric cars as well as heating, air conditioning and pre-conditioning. Another focus of the survey is navigation with route planning and charging planning and the use of the vehicle apps to control and monitor the charging process.

The analyses of the data and recommendations of the respondents show that manufacturers are still leaving a lot of potential untapped.

Statistics on charging behaviour

The second focus of the UScale studies is the charging behaviour of electric car drivers. The study data provides information on charging usage habits at home, in public, at retail and at the employer.

For public charging, the analyses show the preferences of the charging services used (eMobility service providers) and the actual vs. desired payment options (charging card, charging chip, ad-hoc payment, payment with the charging app, Plug&Charge and SMS payment). In addition, the extensive customer feedback shows in detail the different charging problems, who the users blame for the problems and how they solve their problems. The respondents’ recommendations to manufacturers of charging technology and providers of charging services show the greatest need for action.

Added value of market research on electromobility for developers, manufacturers and marketers

Electromobility is growing rapidly. Providers of vehicles, charging services and new business models around e-mobility want to profit from the boom.

Providers can only be successful if they offer the right services. To do this, they need to know user behaviour precisely, develop the right solutions and address the right target groups. UScale studies provide the relevant information. This way, providers can save time and costs, use competitive advantages and grow disproportionately.

Standardised studies on the most important touchpoints of the customer journey in electromobility

UScale conducts in-depth studies on all touchpoints of electric mobility. Each study includes feedback from over 1000 EV drivers. An overview with all UScale focus studies can be found HERE. You can find important results in various media, such as WirtschaftsWoche and in social media.

You will receive a detailed results report from UScale for all studies. If you wish, we can carry out additional analyses of correlations of all collected data for you. Dashboards can be used for your own analysis of the most important studies.

Ad-hoc research on electromobility

If our focus studies cannot answer your questions, we offer customised surveys on your specific issue. You are welcome to use our panel of over 7000 electric car drivers.

statistical analyses of e-car drivers' feedback

Are you also looking for study data, statistical evaluations and analyses on electric car use for your company? Then you will be interested in our data on electric car drivers and the corresponding recommendations!

Thanks to our direct-to-customer surveys, you get first-hand results. Facts that can be used to steer the development of your business field in the right direction at an early stage.