eMSP Loyalty Benchmarking Study 2022

Market shares and reasons for use/churn of charging service providers, payment methods and potential for tariff development

The study surveys which CPO or eMSP charging services e-car drivers use and why. The results show the market shares of the provider groups and the most important eMobility service providers. In addition, it provides the key reasons for using the service and the motivations of users to become unfaithful to their most used provider. A second focus is on payment methods and ways to further develop tariff systems.

The eMSP Loyalty Benchmarking Study was conducted online in July 2022 with over 1,800 e-car drivers in German, Austria and Switzerland. Part of the study was conducted in August, September 2022 with over 1,100 e-car drivers in the USA.

Deliverables include a PDF report (ca. 118 pages) and unlimited access to a dashboard for subscribers’ own analysis of the DACH market data.


Contents of the eMSP Loyalty Benchmarking Study

Segmentation criteria:

  • Charging behaviour (charging locations, charging frequencies, charging types)
  • Driving habits (mileage per year and per weekday, frequency of long-distance journeys)
  • Demographics of e-car drivers

Use of charging services:

  • Actively used charging services
  • Preferred charging services (derived from this: Market shares of the most important providers or provider groups national energy suppliers, municipal utilities, CPOs, roaming providers, OEMs, communities, retailers, employers).
  • History: Development of market shares of provider groups since 2020
  • Criteria for preferred use
  • Criteria for the use of non-preferred providers, i.e. reasons for using others than the preferred eMSP
  • Churn during the last 12 months, reasons for churn

Feature use of charging apps::

  • Use of features
  • Desired functions in a charging app vs. special purpose app vs. vehicle navigation system
  • Desire for differentiation

Payment and payment methods:

  • Current vs. desired payment methods
  • Attitudes toward ad hoc payment options
  • Use of ad-hoc payment options (NFC + card, NFC + smartphone, QR code, CPO app)
  • Satisfaction with payment (authorisation and payment with P&C/Autocharge, charging card or charging chip, charging app, ad-hoc, prices, price transparency, invoicing).

Charging tariffs:

  • Tariff models used
  • Satisfaction with the tariff model used
  • Attitude toward the alignment of tariff structures
  • Use of a car energy tariff at home
  • Variable tariffs: Basic attitude, interest in different implementation variants, etc.
  • Attitude toward &Charge bonus programme: use, evaluation, detailed comments
  • Parking fees at the charging station: basic attitude, preference for different implementation variants, desire for standardisation
  • Final comments
Target group of the survey

Only owners and drivers of fully battery-electric e-cars were surveyed for the study. The average holding period of the respondents was 1.5 years. All respondents regularly charge in public spaces.

Value added and benefit for CPOs and all providers with an eMSP service

The study is mainly aimed at business developers, product managers and marketing experts at charge point operators (CPOs), providers of eMSP services and car manufacturers or importers with their own eMSP offering.

The study shows eMSP provider groups and large individual providers how their market share has developed. For each provider group, the study shows the most important reasons for use and when or why customers switch to another provider. This provides product managers with a qualified basis for developing or revising their own offers and tariff structures.

Dashboard for analysis

Many exciting findings only become apparent when the results are evaluated separately according to important customer groups. This allows providers to target their offers to different user segments in a differentiated way. Thanks to the high sample size, subscribers to the study can split the results in the interactive dashboard as they wish and analyse them in detail. In addition, the dashboard shows all pre-clustered verbatim mentions of the respondents.

UScale focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically surveying e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. An overview with all UScale focus studies can be found HERE.

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