Public Charging Payment Method Study

The results of the UScale Public Charging Payment Method study provide information on the user opinions of almost 500 female e-car drivers on the subject of payment and the payment methods at public charging points.

Public Charging Payment Method Study

Feedback from almost 500 e-car drivers provides a comprehensive insight into the use and satisfaction with the individual payment methods at public charging points of today’s female e-car users. They were asked about payment by charging app, charging card, Plug & Charge, ad-hoc smartphone and ad-hoc EC/credit card.

The results show the advantages and disadvantages of the payment methods and which are likely to be the ones that prevail in the future.

Study content

  • Charging behaviour and habits
  • Payment and tariffs
  • Product-market fit of payment methods
    • Comparison: Acceptance of payment methods
    • User acceptance of charging app
    • User acceptance of charging card
    • User acceptance of plug & charge
    • User acceptance credit/debit card (ad-hoc)
    • User acceptance smartphone (ad-hoc)

Structure of the study

The users were first asked about their charging behaviour, so that the general relevance of public charging is recognisable. On the topic of paying at public charging stations, they provided information about their satisfaction, preferences and expectations for price development. Finally, the acceptance drivers and barriers were identified for the five payment methods from the perspective of e-car drivers.

Target group of the Public Charging Payment Method study

Only owners and drivers of e-vehicles who at least occasionally charge (semi-)publicly were recruited. Among the respondents, there are more experienced e-car drivers with several years of charging experience as well as young EV owners.

Added value and benefits of the Public Charging Payment Method study for …

Product owner of the payment methods

The study shows product owners of payment methods (eMSP, OEMs, payment service providers) the specific usage barriers that need to be reduced via technical and other levers. The aforementioned utilisation drivers can be used for marketing.


The study results show charging station operators how they can increase the attractiveness in order to keep users in their ecosystem. This ensures sales and opportunities for customer retention and cross-selling.

Charging pole manufacturer

The results allow charging station manufacturers to estimate under which conditions which payment methods can become established. This enables them to integrate the respective payment systems into the development of their technical concepts.

UScale focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically questioning e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. For more information on the UScale focus studies, please see HERE.

More information on the results of the Public Charging Payment Method study can be found HERE.

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