EV Forward Europe™: The PERSONA STUDY on eMobility


EVForward Europe™ is the first persona study on electric mobility in Europe. The study shows who the buyers are who will switch next and what they expect.

Next customer segment in the diffusion of electromobility

The proportion of new car buyers switching to an electric car is growing rapidly. So with around 15% market share among sales in Germany, the innovators and early adopters are convinced. Now electric mobility is conquering the next generation of e-car buyers, the early majority. At 33% of the market, the early majority group is twice as large as the adopters and innovators combined. The next segment is very heterogeneous. It is therefore important for the success of the providers to know exactly which target customers they are dealing with here.

Persona study for marketing electromobility
Personas for the next buyer segment of electromobility

E-car buyers in the five largest car markets in Europe (EU-5)

The survey collects psychographic characteristics, attitudes towards mobility, living conditions as well as mobility behavior and usage behavior of cars among motorists.

The EVForward study determines the adoption segments of electric mobility in the five largest European vehicle markets

  • Germany,
  • Great Britain,
  • France,
  • Italy and
  • Spain.

The survey will start in April 2021. Results are expected in the middle of the year.

EVForward Europe ™ provides a detailed insight into the attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles and opinions of a new generation of electric car buyers. As the largest market research study on new car buyers of electric vehicles, it offers comprehensive information about this critical target group.

Customer segmentation for the marketing of electromobility

The persona study on electromobility is designed for experts and managers in the areas of business development, product management and marketing of products and services in electromobility.

Subscribers have access to a data portal with which they can carry out detailed analyzes, evaluations and statistics themselves. Users can create reports with individual statistics and download them for their own projects.

Market intelligence on e-mobility in the USA and Europe

The EVForward study was sponsored by Escalent Inc. collected for the first time in the USA last year. In cooperation with UScale, the study will now be transferred to the European market. By combining the longstanding expertise of Escalent and UScale in the fields of automotive, mobility, energy and technology, EVForward Europe ™ offers a new perspective on the customers of e-mobility. This extends UScale to be Study portfolio on electromobility .

The contact person at UScale is Dr. Helen Mengis ( helen.mengis@uscale.digital ).

Uscale focus studies: user studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically questioning e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. For more information on the UScale focus studies, please see HERE.

Further information on the methodology and the content of the EV Persona study can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@uscale.digital.