eMSP Loyalty Study

The results of the UScale eMSP Loyalty Study show the market shares of the most important eMobility service providers in Germany. It also provides the decisive reasons for using the service and the motivations of users to be unfaithful to their most frequently used provider. The study is based on a survey of over 1,300 EV drivers.

eMSP loyalty study on the use of charging services

The number of electric cars on our roads is growing rapidly. With it, the range of public charging infrastructure and the eMobility Service Providers (eMSP), who make the infrastructure accessible to users, are growing. Competition among providers is increasing. That is why we at UScale asked over 1,300 e-car drivers for the third time about the eMSPs they use and analyzed their usage habits.

A note on the eMSP term: In addition to eMSP, the abbreviations EMP and MSP are also used in the electromobility industry today. They all mean electric mobility service providers, i.e. providers of charging power at public charging stations.

Two decisive KPIs as a key figure for eMSP loyalty

eMSP providers record the frequency of use of their own offering and know their competitors in the market. However, they lack knowledge about the general usage and charging behaviour of female electric car drivers. So they don’t know where they stand in the favour of their users compared to their competitors. UScale’s eMSP Loyalty Study closes this gap.

From the perspective of the eMSP providers, two key figures are relevant for the operational management of their business:

  • Active Use
  • Preferred Use

Active use can be measured by providers themselves in the form of downloads and at least occasional use. For service providers, however, it is crucial that the customer’s own offer is also the preferred charging app or charging card. Providers cannot determine this KPI themselves. The loyalty study shows them both.

Study content

  • Charging behavior and habits
  • Active vs. preferred use of eMSP offers
    • Market shares of eMSP services
    • Preference driver
    • Reasons for change
  • Feature usage
  • Pay and payment options
  • Pricing

Structure of the eMSP loyalty study

UScale’s eMSP Loyalty Study shows the status quo and a trend regarding the market penetration of the most important providers according to market shares, strengths and weaknesses from the user’s point of view. It shows which provider creates customer loyalty with which USP and how providers can increase their own market share in the growing market with target group-specific charging offers.

Furthermore, the analysis creates the basis for strategic positioning. It shows the key differentiators and how providers can increase customer loyalty.

Target group of the eMSP loyalty study

Only e-car drivers who at least occasionally charge publicly were surveyed. The collected data allow deep dive analyzes of strengths and weaknesses for each provider group (OEMs, energy suppliers, municipal utilities, info apps and roaming charging services), as well as the derivation of optimization needs.

Added value and benefits of the eMSP loyalty study

eMSP Product Owner

The study shows how product owners can determine the performance of their own eMSP offer and how the offer of their own provider group develops in comparison with the competition. The details show the need for action for eMSP providers. The expectations of the price development provide input for the development of your own tariff systems.

eMSP Marketing

The study results show the USPs or reasons for use and the reasons for migration for their own group of providers.

eMSP development

The data shows which features are used to attract users and which (missing) functions cause users to migrate. This supports the backlog and the prioritization of your own development projects.

UScale focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically questioning e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. For more information on the UScale focus studies, please see HERE.

Further information on the results of the eMSP Loyalty Study can be found HERE.

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