Electromobility study on the public charging infrastructure 2021


A well-functioning public charging infrastructure is central to the successful diffusion of e-mobility in Germany. Just in time for Decision of the European Commission In order to expand the public charging infrastructure, we have surveyed the assessments and needs of e-car drivers. A survey of 1,800 e-car drivers shows what experiences they have had with the public charging infrastructure and where they see a need for expansion and optimization.

Diverse charging behavior: use of the public charging infrastructure

EV drivers use a variety of charging options. 76% of the e-vehicle owners surveyed have a charging solution at home (mostly a wallbox). Nevertheless, they also use the (semi) public charging infrastructure. On average across all respondents and depending on their individual charging solutions, 39% of the amount of energy consumed is (semi) publicly charged. The increasing importance of customer parking spaces (12%) is particularly striking.

The survey shows that public charging infrastructure is relevant for every charging profile.

Amounts of energy absorbed

Pragmatic charging behavior at every opportunity

If he stands, then he loads “

Study participant June 2021

There is a large majority of users who use every opportunity to charge as much as possible – regardless of whether the battery level requires it or whether they have a charging facility at home or at their employer. The often mentioned motto among e-car drivers is: “If it is stationary, then it charges.”

Expansion of the public charging infrastructure: AC before DC

Over 90% of the e-car drivers surveyed see a massive need for expansion of public charging stations, and this is most important in parking spaces in urban areas and in residential areas.

The further expansion of fast chargers is particularly welcomed outside of the city. In town there is a preference for slow charging:

“In my opinion, the potential of many relatively weak charging points that are available to people where the vehicle is anyway is underestimated.”

Study participant June 2021
Expansion needs from the user’s point of view

4 out of 5 EV drivers with charging problems at public charging stations

83% of the e-car customers surveyed have already had experience with charging problems. Problems with charging start (74%) and with charging interruptions (50%) are mentioned most frequently.

Many of the participants repeatedly emphasize how crucial, from their point of view, a reliably functioning charging infrastructure is for the success of the electromobility offensive in Germany. The numerous actors – from charging station manufacturers to energy suppliers, municipalities and vehicle manufacturers – should work together to develop solutions to increase the reliability of the public charging infrastructure.

“Far too many columns are out of order, and often for a very long period of time. No reliability in the charging infrastructure can only be fatal for e-mobility. “

Study participant June 2021

UScale focus studies: User studies on electromobility

Since 2018, UScale has been systematically questioning e-car drivers about their expectations and experiences at all touchpoints of the e-mobile customer journey. For more information on the UScale focus studies, please see HERE.

Further information on the methodology and the content of the eMobility Public Charging Study can be found HERE.

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