Benchmarking and strategy development
for eMobility service providers

Understand the usage behavior of your customers better.

eMSP services are becoming the hottest market for e-mobility.

Everyone is still talking about loading as the problem of e-mobility. And not without good reason: the charging infrastructure still falls short of expectations in many areas. In the long term, however, the expansion, density and reliability of the charging infrastructure will not be the critical field in which the battle for the charging market will take place. For the business case of the provider, it will ultimately be decisive which eMSP provider with which value proposition, which tariff structure and which additional offers will win which part of the market for itself.

In this white paper you will learn

  • Which eMobility service provider are used most often,
  • what the Background of a bill of exchange to another eMSP and
  • like eMSP your Competitive position can improve.

Download White Paper Benchmarking eMSP-Services


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