Agile testing of the
Product market fits
of Innovations

WhitePaper Product-Market-Fit for innovative products and services

How can customer acceptance and the product-market fit of innovative products,
Services and business models are measured? How can innovation ideas be prioritized? And how can diffusion in the field be accelerated?

Innovations are the future. But only if the market accepts them.

Digitization and the energy and mobility transition are putting the business models of many companies and their jobs at risk. That is why companies in all industries try to systematically promote innovations by setting up innovation labs and training their employees in design thinking methods.

Not to be forgotten are the investments that ultimately lead to innovative products that are accepted in the market, generate income and create new jobs. If these developed products flop on the market, this is almost always due to the fact that founders and those responsible do not know the market well enough. The problem: Lack of customer orientation.

This white paper shows important causes and suggests a way of ascertaining the so-called product-market fit during the entire lifecycle and thus securing and significantly increasing the market success of innovations.

The white paper is divided into the following points:

  1. Customer orientation for innovative products
  2. A new test procedure for quantifying the product market fit
  3. Product market fit in practice

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